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Fun Times at the Radford Highlanders Festival

We performed at the Radford Highlanders Festival for the first time on October 9th! Well, that's not quite true...Josh played at the festival with a pipe band a couple of years ago, so technically one of us has taken the stage there before. But this was our first Radford performance as Kinnfolk. And, perhaps more importantly, it was our first Celtic festival performance in over a year! We joined SYR as one of two headliners.

Click here to hear us discussing the festival with WDBJ7.

Green and blue Kinnfolk band t-shirts in boxes
Our new official Kinnfolk shirts arrived the day before the festival. Talk about luck!
Josh Kinn of Kinnfolk poses with an empty treasure chest
For the first time ever, we SOLD OUT of CDs at a performance! Don't worry, we still have plenty in stock—we simply didn’t anticipate so many people wanting to buy one, so we didn't bring enough.
Guiness can holding up Kinnfolk sign at merch table
Here's something silly: we didn't have a way to display our Kinnfolk sign, so the Radford people rigged a Guinness can to hang it from our table. Perfect!

A notable part of the day for us was manning the merch table...because we had new things to sell! Our brand new Kinnfolk t-shirts arrived the day before the festival, so we proudly spread them out for display. And we watched in amazement as our CD supply dwindled as the day went on, ending up with our first SOLD OUT announcement ever! We owe a big thank-you to all of the audience members who not only enjoyed us live, but also flocked to the merch tent to take our music home. We've definitely learned our lesson for next time: bring more inventory than you think you'll need.

We finished off the day by zipping over to Rising Silo Brewery for the monthly Irish session with Mist on the Mountain. A couple of the guys from SYR even joined us in the circle.

All in all, we had a blast and can't wait for the next Celtic festival. We'll be at the Asheville Celtic Fest in February 2021 and hope to see you there!

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