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Josh and Julie holding a bodhran and an octave mandolin


KINNFOLK – the husband and wife duo of Josh and Julie Kinn – weave octave mandolin, bodhrán (Irish drum), and smooth vocal harmonies into their Celtic folk music from the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. From sea shanties and working songs, to trad tunes and Old Time favorites, Kinnfolk’s fresh take on classics blends seamlessly with their original compositions. They share stories as enduring as tartan, spinning yarns steeped in Appalachian charm and enjoying playful banter with the audience. Their shows feel like a kitchen party, where everyone is family, and there’s always room for a dancer. 


Kinnfolk is rooted in tradition, lore and ancestry – and began with a story of love and romance in the misty mountains of their home in Roanoke, Virginia. After meeting over a shared passion for folk music at an Irish music session, Josh and Julie found a harmony of the heart. They began making music together, and soon after became kin – and Kinn (with two Ns!). In the heartland of Appalachian music – an American style with Irish and Scottish roots – where the lilt and twang intertwine like a Celtic knot, Kinnfolk has brought this musical lineage full circle.


Since forming Kinnfolk in late 2018, the pair have played at festivals and listening rooms with a quickly growing following across Canada and the United States. In 2023 Kinnfolk won the Robinson Emerging Artist Showcase, earning them a Main Stage appearance at Canada’s premiere Celtic event, the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival. They were also featured on the cover of the largest traditional music magazine in the world — Irish Music Magazine — and named one of the top 5 Celtic bands to watch in 2023 by The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. In 2022, Kinnfolk received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the City of Roanoke to create a body of work exploring the history, geography, and folk legends of their town. The resulting project, “Star Above the Mountain,” debuted to a live SOLD OUT audience on June 30, 2023.


Kinnfolk’s self-titled debut album (2020) received much airplay and launched them into the international Celtic music scene. Their second album, “The Knotted Circle” (2022), was lauded as “authentic…with a subtle contemporary seasoning” by Music Connection Magazine. They’re headed into the recording studio once again to lay tracks for their project “Star Above the Mountain.” The release will coincide with a North American tour in 2025. As WDBJ7 Television said, they “find community” and “love through Celtic music,” and look forward to meeting more of their audience.


Once you experience their music, you’ll be one of their folk – Kinnfolk!

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